Is Slumberblump™ effective for everyone?

The Slumberblump™ positional sleep trainer is effective for about 8 out of 10 people who are mild to moderate snorers. It’s also highly effective to be used along with other treatments like CPAP Therapy or Oral Appliance Therapy. Slumberblump™ is most effective for those who are positionally dependent snorers…meaning, if you mostly snore while you sleep on your back, but stop when you roll over, Slumberblump™ should work for you.*

What should I expect when I start using my Slumberblump™?

Just like getting a new pillow, sleeping with the Slumberblump™ takes a little getting used to. For some people who aren’t used to sleeping on their sides, it can causes some muscle soreness and aches as your body adjusts to a new sleeping position. However, most people find that after a couple of weeks they are sleeping better than before.*

Do I have to use the Slumberblump™ forever?

Nope. You sure don't. Slumberblump™ is a positional sleep trainer. The results can be permanent. If used regularly, most people only need to sleep with the Slumberblump™ for 30 - 60 days. After that, you will have learned to sleep on your side. After the new habits have been formed, most people will continue sleeping on their side, even without the Slumberblump™.

Many people will still take their Slumberblump™ with them when they travel since new beds and pillows can change the way you sleep. If you ever find yourself sleeping on your back again, simply use the Slumberblump™ for a few weeks to retrain your body to sleep on its side.*

What is Slumberblump's Return Policy?

Slumberblump has a 15 day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, or you find the Slumberblump™ isn't working for you, please contact customer service within 15 days of receiving your Slumberblump Sleep Belt for a full refund.

What is Slumberblump's warranty?

Slumberblump™ is proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on all of our products. If your Sleep Belt or Extension Belt ever have any manufacturing or workmanship defects, we will replace it for free. We want you to feel confident and secure that when you invest in the Slumberblump™ device to stop snoring, you are using the best and most effective product available on the market.