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    Slumberbump Positional Sleep Belt

    Slumberbump is a clinically proven, effective, simple solution to the complex problem of snoring that has plagued millions of people and prevented them from getting a restful night’s sleep. Studies have shown that many people who suffer from snoring and used a positional sleep belt at night, like Slumberbump, had a better night’s sleep and were less likely to snore.* The way it works is by preventing you from sleeping on your back and forcing you to sleep on your side and when you do this, it helps prevent the collapsing of the airway which is one of the biggest factors when it comes to snoring.*

    Using a positional based sleep device, such as Slumberbump, can also be a great compliment to CPAP therapy for snoring. Because of it’s light, comfortable and simplistic design it makes patients more compliant to the Dr.’s orders when it comes to treating sleep disorders.


    • Breathable mesh belt for all-night comfort
    • Anti-microbial fabric to eliminate odors
    • Air bladder for easy storage and travel
    • Attractive design, non-medical look
    • 3 Sizes for the perfect fit
    • Extension belt for plus sizes
    • Effective wedge shape design
    • Durable & washable materials
    • Non-snag zippers
    • Side elastic for comfortable breathing
    • Affordable and effective compliment to CPAP
    • Comfortable, no rub edging Non-slip grip strip
    • Velcro strapping
    • 1 Year Limited warranty
    Snoring Remedies Slumberbump Gray


    • M: Fits chest sizes from 32” - 38” (81cm -96cm)
    • L: Fits chest sizes from 37” - 44” (95cm -112cm)
    • XL: Fits chest sizes from 47” - 54” (121cm -138cm)
    • Extension Belt: Added to the XL, fits chest sizes from 65” - 73" (167cm - 185cm)
    • Sturdy, Ripstop Nylon Construction
    • Anti-microbial
    • Shipping weight = 0.6lbs (.27kg)
    Anti Snoring Devices Slumberbump Cutout Medium
    Anti Snoring Devices Slumberbump Cutout Large
    Overall Customer Rating of 20 Reviews:
    Fernandina, Fl

    My problem was AFIB and sleep apnea, not snoring


    I am a patient at Mayo Clinic and have atrial fibrillation. In dealing with that, my doctors discovered I have sleep apnea and probably won't be able to maintain a regular heart beat if I continue to struggle with this breathing disorder. With my kind of apnea (called central), doctors recommended Slumberbump because CPAP won't stop the abnormal breathing. When I wear my sleep belt, the apnea goes away and I sleep much more restfully. After my ablation 5 months ago which put my heart back in rhythm and with the Slumberbump, I have maintained a normal rhythm with lower blood pressure and a slower pulse. I wouldn't dream of going to bed without this device. Initially,I had problems with the velcro fastener. After a couple months, the company replaced the bump and though the fastener seems the same, it hasn't failed me yet.*

    Cottage Grove, OR

    Sound sleep, not noisey sleep


    After several nights of apnea when I awoke with a headache and racing heart, I am thrilled with Slumberbump, recommended by my pulmonologist. It works to keep me on my side, or at least tilted to the side so I DO NOT SNORE. At my chest measurement of 43" the large size works fine. You should have a size table on your website. I modeled the unit to my Bible study group and several spouses saw hope for their noisy bedrooms. I no longer need a nap in the afternoons. It looks durable and it deflates easily for travel. Great idea. I tried a mouth guard for one night to try to pull the lower jaw forward. Forget it--It pulled my teeth out of alignment and I couldn't close my mouth for two hours, and left me with TMJ for 4 days.*

    Silent sleep

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    I have never been able to fall asleep on my side, always adjusting to my back. And then comes the noise. I was truly amazed that I actually slept on my side all night with the SlumberBump, and I was informed that I was totally quiet. A first for me and felt refreshed in the morning. My shoulder was a little sore, but after several days not at all now. Pretty remarkable is all I can say.*

    Tampa, Fl

    Great Alternative to CPAP!

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    • Need%20pump%204%20full%20inflate
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    The sleep doctor set me up with a CPAP machine and I absolutely hated it. I asked what else we could do and since the only time my sleep apnea kicked in was when I was on my back they suggested Positional Therapy. I looked around for one of these type of devices and found Slumber bump. It was about $50-$70 less expensive than the other major brand and appeared like it would do the trick, but I was worried it wouldn't last very long and would move around on my body. I was wrong...I've used this product for about a year now and it still works the same as the day I got it. Doesn't move around on me is very sturdy and keeps me on my side. I think if someone is really obese it might not be as effective but I didn't have that issue. The Velcro still sticks just fine and no more sleep apnea! I never thought I'd be writing a review for Slumber Bump but when a product works better than you expected people should know about it!*


    1 week after getting the SlumberBump, I traveled for 4 days, staying in 3 different hotels. It was very easy to deflate, pack, unpack and re-inflate, making it very easy to take along on any overnight trip.

    After just two weeks, I hardly notice that I have it on at night.*

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    I have ordered a slumberbump for my husband as he has sleep apnea. I live in the U k and I could not see how long delivery would be perhaps you could advise me on delivery.

    Thank You MRS P A IRWIN

    May 25, 2016 1:07 PM
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    Mrs Irwin, I just checked your order. It looks like you selected standard shipping. That will ship through the US Post office and its partners in your country. Each country is a little different, but it can sometimes take up to three weeks. You should have received an email with a tracking number. Please follow that link to track the progress of your shipment. They will likely post an estimated delivery date once it arrives in your country's postal system. Hope that helps. Cheers Slumberbump Team.
    Josh Taylor May 26, 2016 1:01 PM
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    Please recommend the appropriate size for my measurements. I see your dimensions for each of the sizes, but I am near the edge of the size range. Across the chest (above the breast), the measurement is 41 inches., Across the breast area, measurement is 43 inches. Would the Large size or the Extra Large size be better? Thanks for your feedback. Sylvia Shank

    April 21, 2016 6:50 PM
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    Thanks for your question Sylvia. It's best to wear the Slumberbump just under your bust line. With the measurements you provided, I'd highly recommend the Large over the XL. I think it will fit you great. Cheers - Slumberbump Team
    Josh Taylor May 23, 2016 11:55 AM