The Slumberbump® Story

What began as a simple idea with humble beginnings is now helping people around the world stop snoring* and finally start sleeping soundly...

How Slumberbump® Works

Our unique design helps you sleep comfortably on your side to minimize snoring. Slumberbump is a very simple solution to a complex ailment affecting millions.*

Raves and Reviews

"Slumberbump continues to prove its worth in supporting good sleep health. It has a tremendous impact on my patient's sleep quality." * Cliff Molin MD, MBA

Slumberbump Is A Natural Way To Stop Snoring

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Slumberbump is a non-medicated, all-natural solution to help you sleep comfortably on your side to minimize snoring. By sleeping on your side it allows your jaw to rest in a comfortable position that naturally keeps your airway open and clear all night - helping you stop snoring.*

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